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Reconstructing the Ancent World
Production Design and Costumes

Production Design - Part I

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The Amphitheatre where King Phillip
(Val Kilmer) has himself enshrined as
the 13th god of the Greek Pantheon.

Wide shot of the filming of the entrance
to Babylon including the Ishtar Gate.

Interior of Alexander’s military campaign

The magnificent furnishings of
Alexander’s campaign tent include the
Throne of Darius III, taken by Alexander
after his defeat of the Persian King at

The courtyard palace in Pella, dressed
for the feast celebrating King Philip’s
betrothal to Eurydice.

An anteroom inside the Pella Palace,
clearly showing the exquisite rock
mosaic floor.

The courtyard of Balkh Fort, decorated
for Alexander and Roxane’s wedding.

A sweeping view of the Babylon Palace
central courtyard.

Another view of the Babylon Palace.

A bedchamber in the Babylon Palace,
showing the Persian love of ornate

The magnificent interior of Alexander’s
campaign tent.

The center court of the Indian Palace
constructed on the 007 stage at
Pinewood Studios.

One of the entrance stairways to the
Indian Palace, demonstrating the
intricate woodcarving.

A view of the exotic Indian Palace
courtyard, which took 4 months to

A view from Olympias’ chamber, filled
with exquisite design detail.

The atrium of the Alexandria Library,
one of the lost wonders of the world,
re-created for the film.



Alexander will be released on November 24, 2004, and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures,
a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, and Intermedia.
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